qEEG Guided Neurofeedback Sessions:

Using a neuroscience approach, we look at brain maps to determine any neurological causes that could account for symptoms. Neurofeedback training is used to rewire the brain to perform more optimally and reduce symptoms.  

Neurofeedback Training Process:

Neurofeedback (NFB) is a noninvasive procedure that assists in building or rebuilding neural pathways, thus allowing the client to have healthier brain functioning. This training happens through operant conditioning using video and audio as a reward. Wires and sensors are placed on the scalp and ears, allowing our technology to monitor brainwave activity. During the session, the client will be introduced to stimuli, most often a movie or video (we offer Netflix and Disney Plus). The software automatically detects when brainwaves are regulated and feeds this information back to the patient in real time. The feedback tells your brain to produce more or less of certain types of brainwaves, encouraging your brain to behave in a certain way. When the brainwaves are dysregulated, the software interferes with the video screen and volume. The brain naturally alters its activity and is rewarded with clear image and sound when well regulated.

Standard practice is to do 20 sessions of NFB and then have an EEG to assess client progress and need for further treatment. This process is repeated until client goals are met. 

Most of the time, NFB is not a stand-alone treatment. NFB can be enhanced by talk therapy, optimal nutrition, and adequate sleep; depending on goals and needs. 

Determining Neurofeedback Protocols:

We use qEEG data, brain mapping, and clinical reports to determine protocols for neurofeedback. The EEG data is sent off to a team of specialists, including a Neurologist and Electroencephalographer, who locate any dysregulation in the brain. The individual fills out a 300 questionnaire to assess for severity of symptoms. 

Evidence-based research has shown NFB to help with mental health issues, learning disabilities, performance levels, and many other issues. For research on NFB, please visit:

Treatment Includes: Minimum of 20 sessions are scheduled for 50 minutes and include 35 minutes of NFB training, allowing the rest of the session for assessment and processing.

We use qEEG data, which locates dysregulation in the brain, and clinical reports to determine the best neurofeedback protocol fit for the client. Evidence-based research has shown neurofeedback to help with mental health issues, learning disabilities, performance levels, and many other issues.

Treatment Includes: 20 sessions of neurofeedback at Desert Road Ministries location or at another agreed upon location, and follow up qEEG to see results.