Family Support

Family Therapy:

Ministry impacts the whole family! Whether you’re just starting out in ministry and want to help your family adjust or you’ve been in ministry a long time and have some wounds that need healing, Desert Road Ministries is prepared to help you. Our program contains the following steps to help your family get your needs met:

  • Preparation: Your designated counselor will meet with each family member individually to prepare for your first family session.
  • Initial Family Session: All family members will complete a genogram together to create a visual representation of family dynamics and generational patterns.
  • Follow Up Family Session: Your counselor will collaborate with your family on a treatment plan to target your desired goals.
  • Ongoing Sessions: Your family will meet for a varied amount of sessions according to your agreed upon treatment plan.
  • Family Intensives: For families in crisis, one day individual intensives are designed to quickly and effectively get to the heart of your issues. This extended time will allow for needed healing, restoration, and understanding to begin.

Couples Counseling:

Ministry can put pressure on your marriage in ways you might not have anticipated. As leaders, it’s difficult to know who is safe to share your struggles with. We are here to walk alongside you both, no matter what! We offer unbiased support and utilize research-based solutions, such as the Gottman Method, Prepare-Enrich, and RelateStrong.

Marriage Intensives are also available for couples in crisis.

Parent Guidance Sessions:

Need guidance on parenting techniques to raise emotionally and spiritually grounded children and teens? 50-minute Parent Guidance sessions are available to help you gain clarity, encouragement, and resources wherever you are on your parenting journey.

Child and Adolescent Therapy:

Sometimes it takes a trusted outside source to come alongside your child or teen and help them navigate how they feel. Our team is ready and willing to work with you and your children when you need it most!


If you and your family are needing some quality time with a little relationship restoration, as well, Desert Road Ministries offers retreats and camps periodically throughout the year. These events are 1-2 night trips that will include quality time for couples and/or families and sessions covering varying topics (Examples include: RelateStrong workshops, Prepare/Enrich, parental education on how the brain operates in different developmental stages, emotion coaching, spiritual guidance, etc.).


Desert Road Ministries will host workshops for couples and parents throughout the year on topics such as, Spiritual Development Coaching for Parents. If you would like to request a specific topic, please reach out to We are here to support you!