Meagan Butler, MACE, MABC

Meagan Butler, MACE, MABC

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Meagan experienced her first encounter with God when she was five years old. She felt a prompting to ask Jesus to be her Good Shepherd and has been following Him ever since. God has guided her through many highs and lows in her life: a high being her call to ministry and one of the lows involving spiritual burnout. Over the past ten years, Meagan has dedicated her time to growing in academic knowledge of theology, bibliology, hermeneutics, and counseling, while also tending to her spiritual and mental health. Meagan is passionate about guiding others into a balanced experience of the physical and spiritual life. She believes Jesus' time on earth was the perfect representation of that balance.

Meagan lives in Houston, Texas with her dog, Tucker.


Spiritual Guidance
Grief Work


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