Alexandra Roark, LCSW, BCN

Alexandra Roark, LCSW, BCN

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Growing up as a pastor's kid, Alexandra experienced challenges and inspiration that impacted her development. The pressures of being in a ministry family cause her to struggle with anxiety and insecurities that affected her confidence. Alexandra also realized she had a passion for working with kids and teens when she started working as a Sunday School teacher at 15 years old. Her experiences led her to specialize in working with children and adolescents and neuropsychology. Alexandra uses a multimodal approach to address mental health using spiritual practices, mental health practices, and neuroscience. She offers support to kids and teens in the ministry who may be experiencing insecurities, burn out, or imposter syndrome.

Alexandra lives in Houston and loves trying out local restaurants.


Children and Adolescent Therapy


In Person or Online


Board Certified in Neurofeedback (BCN)

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